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      Unidrive M700伺服驅動器
      0.75 kW - 2.8 MW 重載 (1.0 hp - 4,200 hp)
      200 V | 400 V | 575 V | 690 V

      英國Control Techniques的Unidrive M700系列高性能交流/伺服驅動器通過增強的單軸控制和多軸網絡同步提供*大的機器吞吐量。Unidrive M700伺服驅動器為感應、永磁和伺服應用提供*的電機控制,以及板載實時以太網。Unidrive M700伺服驅動器可為現有 Unidrive SP 用戶提供*升級。

      • Unidrive M700 adds onboard Ethernet, comprehensive position feedback and high performance control of dynamic permanent magnet servo motors
      • Fully compatible upgrade for existing Unidrive SP users

      Unidrive M700 delivers maximum machine throughput through greater control with single and multi-axis network synchronization. Onboard real-time Ethernet (IEEE 1588 V2), advanced motion control and high speed I/O for position capture enables machine builders to easily create more sophisticated and flexible machines.

      Availability Note: Please see the frame size/dimension table under the Specifications tab below for availability of specific frame sizes. Frame sizes marked with an asterisk indicate future availability.

      Maximize machine productivity through integration with centralized control systems

      • Ethernet IEEE 1588 V2 hardware implementation for maximum synchronization accuracy
      • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch for easy connectivity
      • Up to three SI modules to add position feedback, I/O and fieldbus communications

      Maximize machine productivity through shaft performance with any motor technology

      • High bandwidth motor control algorithm for open and closed loop induction, synchronous reluctance and PM servo motors with up to 3,300 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth
      • Flexible feedback from robust resolvers to high resolution encoders

      Flexible universal encoder port

      Increase flexibility and reduce system costs through simultaneously connecting up to three* high performance encoder channels as standard. As an example, the drive can interface with a feedback encoder, reference encoder and provide a simulated encoder output without the need for additional option modules.

      • Two universal encoder input channels
        • Support for standard incremental and SinCos encoders, including those with absolute commutation signals
        • Support for communications based encoders with up to 4 Mb rate and line compensation to support long cable lengths of up to 100m
          • Support includes BISS C, EnDat 2.2, HIPERFACE and SSI
        • Support for Resolver for feedback in harsh environments
      • One simulated encoder output
        • Position reference for CAMs, digital lock and electronic gearbox applications
        • Implemented through hardware to maximize performance

      *The functionality is dependent upon the encoder types being used

      Onboard PLC and Advanced Motion Controller

      Simple onboard CODESYS based PLC with a real-time task for interfacing with the drives 1.5 axis Advanced Motion Controller. Key features include:

      • 250 μs cycle time
      • Motion profile generator
      • Electronic gearbox
      • Interpolated CAM
      • Homing function
      • High speed position freeze

      Typical applications

      • Speed and position control for gearing and ratio control, winding (coilers), web handling, metal cutting, flying shear, rotary knife, test stands, printing, packaging machines, textiles, woodworking, tire manufacturing


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