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      英國CT--SM-可編應用程序卡,其分為SM-Application Plus, SM-Applications, SM-Application Lite V2, SM-EZMotion,SM-可編應用程序卡可以讓用戶靈活地實現無PLC系統的再次開發


      Automation option modules

      Our automation option modules contain a high performance microprocessor, leaving the drive’s own processor to give you the best possible motor performance.

      With Digitax ST the features provided by these options are integrated within the product range


      SM-Applications Lite V2

      Unidrive SP Commander SK Digitax ST Mentor MP



      The SM-Applications Lite module is designed to provide programmable control for standalone drive applications or when the drive is connected to a centralised controller via I/O or Fieldbus. SM-Applications Lite may be programmed using ladder logic with SyPTLite or can make use of the full automation and motion capabilities contained within SyPTPro.

      • Easy Powerful Configuration – SM-Application Lite can be used to tackle automation problems from simple start/stop sequencing with a single drive to more complex machine and motion control applications.
      • Real Time Control –The SM-Applications Lite module gives you real-time access to all of the drives parameters plus access to data from I/O and other drives. The module uses a high speed multi-tasking operating system with task update times as low as 250us. Tasks are synchronised to the drives own control loops to give you the best possible performance for drive control and motion.

      SM-Applications Plus

      Unidrive SP Commander SK Digitax ST Mentor MP



      SM-Applications offers all of the features of the SM-Applications Lite module but with additional communications and high speed I/O. SM-Applications is programmed using SyPTPro system programming tool.

      • Inputs/Outputs – The module has two digital inputs and two digital outputs for high-speed I/O operations such as position capture and actuator firing.
      • High speed serial port - The module features a serial communications port supporting standard protocols such as Modbus for connection to external devices such as Operator Interface panels.
      • Drive-to-drive communications - SM-Applications option modules include a high speed drive-to-drive network called CTNet, this network is optimised for intelligent drive systems offering flexible peer to peer communications. The bus has the capability to connect to remote I/O, operator panels, Mentor DC drives and PCs using an OPC server.

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