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      英國CT--SM-現場總線通訊卡,分為SM-Profibus DP V1, SM-EtherNet, SM-EhterCAT, SM-DeviceNET, SM-CanOpen, SM-現場總線通訊卡包含了全部**比較流行的總線通訊協議


      Our drives support almost any Industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus or real-time servo network such as Ethernet/IP, Profibus and EtherCAT. Where possible, we obtain independent certification for compliance with the relevant protocol standards to guarantee operation with other vendors equipment. We continually monitor our customers needs and develop new modules as technologies emerge. 



      Profibus DP slave option module

      Unidrive SP Commander SK Digitax ST Mentor MP

      • Profibus protocol up to specification DP-V0 and DP-V1
      • Up to 125 nodes on a network
      • Data rates up to 12Mbps, automatically detected by the module
      • Cyclic data sizes of up to 32 words in/out
      • Non cyclic access available by mapping a non-cyclic channel into the cyclic data
      • DP-V1 adds a non-cyclic channel
      • Vendor independent profile for variable speed drives, PROFIdrive


      Our Ethernet option module supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP; it has an inbuilt web server and can generate emails.  The module can be used to provide high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies such as wireless networking.

      Unidrive SP Commander SK Digitax ST Mentor MP

      • Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, e-mail, web pages, SNTP 
      • Addressing is IP based
      • Data rates 10Mbps/100Mbps
      • Cyclic data sizes of up to 80 words in/out
      • Explicit messaging supported
      • Non-vendor specific A.C. Drive Profile supported

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