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      Unidrive SP獨立機柜式驅動器
      90KW - 1.6MW(150hp - 2470hp)

      Unidrive SP獨立機柜式驅動器是完全工程化設計和測試的驅動器機柜,適用于交流輸入交流電機輸出配置。該驅動器的機殼經過認證,符合 CE 和 UL 等國際標準。實踐應用證明過的設計并經國際機構認證使您完全可以把工程資源聚焦于您的工程應用,而不用關注驅動器本身。

      Unidrive SP control with ready-to-use convenience

       Unidrive SP Free Standing has the same control platform as the Unidrive SP Modular and Panel Mount drives range, offering three option module slots, integrated automation control and high performance motor control only with added convenience for high-power systems.

      Free Standing drives can be ordered from the factory with a built-in switch disconnector for supply isolation. This means the drive is delivered to your site ready to be connected thus reducing engineering effort and installation time.

      Compact cabinet dimensions

      Unidrive SP Free Standing cabinets are very compact. For example, a 355kW (500hp) drive is only 400mm (16") wide and a 675kW (1,000hp) drive is only 800mm (32") wide. This makes Unidrive SP Free Standing the obvious choice where space is at a premium such as for new or retrofit energy saving applications. All drives are shipped in 400mm (16") wide sections that can be connected quickly making Unidrive SP Free Standing drives easy to handle and locate on site.

      Proven reliability

      Unidrive SP Free Standing utilizes mass produced modules of proven design and reliability. The modules and cabinets are assembled using a sequential build process that eliminates build variation and provides consistently high quality. Excellent thermal and electrical design and computer modeling has ensured the drives have a long and productive life with trouble-free operation.

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