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      Unidrive SPM模塊化組合型驅動器
      90KW - 1.9MW(120hp - 2900hp)
      208 - 240V / 380 - 480V / 575V / 690V

      Unidrive SPM模塊化組合型驅動器是Unidrive SP 系列高性能驅動器家族的 一員,控制板與選件是通用的。驅動器模塊可以進行并聯構成大功率驅動器或共直流母線方案,能量可在連接在公共直流母線上的制動運行與電動運行的驅動之間循環利用,或通過AFE 整流可將多余能量回送至供電線路,從而節約運營成本。


      Unidrive SP control with Modular power system flexibility

      Unidrive SP Modular has the same control platform as the Panel Mount drives range, offering three option module slots, integrated automation control and high performance motor control.

      Maximum Reliability

      Unidrive SP Modular units offer maximum reliability, are mass-produced in high volumes and are proven in a wide range of applications from high power fans to large cranes, and renewable wave energy systems to metal production.

      Flexibility is Modular

      The Unidrive SPM range comprises key modules that can be combined elegantly to achieve your design criteria with maximum economy.

      Module Details
      SPMA AC IN / AC OUT Drive Module
      SPMD DC IN / AC OUT Inverter Module
      SPMC AC IN / DC OUT Rectifier Module
      SM Control Master Master control module for use with SPMA/D
      SM Control Slave Slave control module for use with SPMA/D
      SPM Power Selector Automatic selection/de-selection of drive modules


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